Savour Canada’s Top Restaurants and Food Experiences

As befits one of the newest and most multi-cultural countries on the planet – it celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017 – Canada boasts one of the most exciting and diverse culinary scenes to be found anywhere. Whether located in Vancouver or Toronto or any place coast-to-coast, Canada’s chefs have become experts in fusing food items found locally as well as those sourced from overseas, resulting in an array of flavours and award-winning menu items that have grabbed the world’s attention.

Canada’s cuisine also embraces many traditional North American staples, too, from maple syrup produced in Ontario and Quebec to Muskoka‘s famous cranberries to fresh fish from British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. Foraging has also become popular among Canada’s top chefs, as has a very strong farm-to-table movement that has seen local farmers’ markets spring up in communities of all sizes. Must-try fast-food dishes include everything from poutine (a mix of fries, gravy and cheese) to beavertails (a fried pastry doused in sugar or sweet toppings).

Whatever your favourite foods, whether savoury or sweet, let Luxury Canada be your guide to the very best food and dining options in this sprawling, vibrant and dynamic country.