Whale Watching in Quebec – Sightings Guaranteed…


Guaranteed Whale Watching St Lwrence River Beluga

A Beluga on the St Lawrence River

One of the wonderful things about nature watching is that you never know what you’re going to get. Will you see the animal you hope for, or will they stay hidden? Will you witness fascinating behaviours? Will they come close?

However, it’s also always nice to know that a sighting is guaranteed. A genuine, natural sighting – not a man-made one using food as a lure. And if guaranteed whale watching is what you’d like to do, then according to award-winning journalist Chantal Cooke of PASSION for the PLANET, the St Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, is the place to go.

If you are a landlubber, no problem – you can see them from the shore. But if you prefer to get out on the water, then there are plenty of choices, from large boats with upper decks and long views, to small zodiacs.

You can read more about whale watching in Quebec and Chantal’s incredible encounter with beluga Whales here: http://passionforfreshideas.com/travel-2/whale-watching-guarantee-quebec/



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